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Join Ms. Weecks as part of a live radio broadcast this Friday, May 31st, at 11:30 am on Health Futures with colleague Donald T. Scher and host Bob Roth.  This episode will include a spin-off of the previous show on powers of attorney, touching upon guardianships, conservatorships, and other important information on legal consequences of pre-planning in case of incapacity of yourself or a loved one.

"Health Futures" with Bob Roth - Preparing for Your and Your Loved Ones' Futures

Ms. Weecks' web-based broadcast appearance - Practicing Law in Arizona

Sadly, a year ago, the Arizona legal community faced some tragedy which have led to a necessary discussion of not only attorneys’ safety, but safety of all who are part of the legal community.  This article was part of the hand-out materials at a May 2019 attorney educational event, and is offered in memory of those lost, in the spirit of promoting healthful and production dialogue.

Legal Community Safety, with a Focus on the Child Custodial Context — an article by Debbie Weecks — final published for CLE

In The News

Please enjoy this sampling of articles written by or about Attorney Debbie Weecks as well as articles from the Weecks Quarterly newsletter and other miscellaneous “news” items.


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Amicus Brief re: NTSB ruling

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