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Chinese Judge Educational Forum

On April 21st, 2015 the Peoria Municipal Court and Tulane Law School joined in a cultural educational forum for about 35 judges visiting from China.  The Court hosted a four-person panelist discussion addressing Access to Justice, both on a larger scale and also with a focus on limited jurisdiction courts.  The panelists were led by the Hon. Presiding Judge George T. Anagnost and also included Dr. (attorney) Catherine Jiang, Mr. Patrick Scott (AOC / AZ Supreme Court), and Attorney / Judge Pro Tem Debbie Weecks.  The presentation included about an hour  and a quarter of teaching and discussion.  Additionally, there was a short video overview of the Arizona courts, with voiceover interpretation provided by Dr. Jiang.  Dr. Jiang also played a key role of im promptu facilitator of language during the face-time live presentation and the extensive Q&A session running much into overtime!  Dan Weecks of Weecks Productions, LLC created an Arizona introductory videotape that showed the Chinese guests some local features.

Broadcasting locally were IT representatives from the city of Peoria in cooperation with Weecks Productions, LLC; a multi-media photography and videography studio, locally owned and operated.  (For more information and myriad entertainment choices, respectively, please visit;  The panelists were pleased to have some local attorneys and judges in the audience on location, as well.

On the Tulane side of the simultaneous broadcast, facilitated by Dean Meyer, were the approximate 35 visiting judges from China on tour for their program with their guests.  Their trip was in the planning stages for approximately two years and which included several east coast stops on their part, exploring different court, law practice, and justice themes.

The court tour video courtesy of the Peoria Municipal Court with Chinese voiceover and the introduction-to-Arizona video have been posted where they will remain available for a short while.  Please enjoy these at .  Also available to you here is the presentation handout material, for your reading pleasure: Access to Justice — For Our Visiting Chinese Judicial Guests 


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