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Limited Scope Representation

What are Un-Bundled Legal Services?

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Limited-Scope Representation, or “un-bundled” legal service is when a client and an attorney agree that the attorney will handle some parts of your case and you will handle others.  This is different from Traditional Representation agreements between attorneys and clients in which the attorney is hired to provide legal services on all aspects of a case, from start to finish.

The Arizona Supreme Court has passed a petition filed by the State Bar of Arizona (#R-12-0027 ), with the effect of changing certain court and ethical rules.  The underlying effect is an endorsement of limited scope representation, enhancing access to justice for some public members who may not wish to retain counsel throughout an entire legal proceedings.  The then-temporary provisions included these:

  • Facilitating pro bono short-term legal services under approved organizations;
  • Providing clarifying comment on opposing counsel communications within the limited scope context; and
  • Permitting “ghost-writing” under the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure.


The finalized version of the rule is now incorporated into the court rules, after further ruling.  To read the Bar’s petition, please click here.  To read Ms. Weecks’ comment directly, please click here.

  • One example of Limited Scope Representation is Attorney Debbie Weecks providing legal advice to an individual regarding a case or legal issue in which (s)he is currently involved.
  • Another example of “un-bundled legal services” is drafting documents or pleadings for a client, a practice commonly known as “ghost writing.”
  • In several areas of law, an Arizona attorney may now file a limited appearance in which case she represents the client in court for a defined purpose or duration involving that court case.

Since Limited-Scope representation is a broad term and covers many services, please call Attorney Debbie Weecks with any questions to see if she may help you.

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