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West Valley Professionals’ Roundtable


WVPR is temporarily recessed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re looking forward to relaunching.  Stay tuned in 2023! 

For questions or updates, please call Ms. Weecks at (623) 933-4877.

-WVPR Management Team


Our History:

WVPR Breakfast Meeting in Sun City, AZ (2017).

The WVPR is a multi-disciplinary group of professional people whose work involves the senior population.  In addition to many other areas of law, Ms. Weecks often serves elder clients or their family members regarding planning issues, protective orders, court action, and advanced directives.

Ms. Weecks is a co-founder of the WVPR which meets on the first Tuesdays monthly in Sun City, Arizona. Please phone if you are a local professional who assists elders and you wish to be added to the e-distribution list for announcement fliers.

If you would like to attend an upcoming meeting, please visit our contact page to request more information.

A word from a Founder:

In 2010, two of us launched the popular West Valley Professionals’ Roundtable as a way to stay connected with business partners in related professional fields serving seniors.  As you see under “past meetings”, it’s been an amazing decade of camaraderie and educational opportunity, and always without membership fees.

The WVPR management team recognizes that our participants remain necessarily busy during the pandemic crisis.  The WVPR will take a summer break in respect of everyone’s need to concentrate on keeping family safe and adjusting business practices.  Please join us for our next meeting on the first Tuesday in September, and check in here then for the upcoming speaker slate.

Wishing you and yours well being,

Debbie Weecks

Save your home!  AZ Department of Housing opportunities.

If you are at risk of losing a home because of a change of your circumstance, do not assume that foreclosure, “walking,” and short sales are the only option.  Arizona has federal grant money that can help you in significant ways if you qualify.  Call for individualized assistance and advice to:

Reginald H. Givens | Foreclosure Assistance Administrator | 1110 W. Washington Street, Suite 310, Phoenix, AZ 85007 | Direct: (602) 771-1041 | Main: (602) 771-1000 | Facsimile: (602) 771-1002 |

Late Life Domestic Violence handout from WVPR October 2015

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