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The Weecks Quarterly – August 25th, 2020

The Weecks Quarterly – August 3rd, 2020

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The Weecks Quarterly – July 15th, 2020

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The Weecks Quarterly – June 15th, 2020

sUAS Comments to Proposed Regulations

Weecks Quarterly online newsletter – Gay Marriage in Arizona

First published (March 2013) on the Maricopa County Bar Organization’s website, under MCBO’s “Articles” category: “A shift to promote equal parenting in child custody proceedings?”  An analysis of Arizona’s new custody law by Debbie Weecks.

The Fiduciary’s Role and Advocating for the Patient“-  Please visit the West Valley Professionals’ Roundtable for an educational overview supplementing the November 2013 topic.

Servicemembers’ Civil Rights ActDebbie is pleased to have contributed this brief synopsis to the LawforVeterans website, being launched officially on Veterans’ Day 2013 by the Arizona Bar Foundation addressing certain federal law protections for active service members in civil (non-criminal) cases.  To see Ms. Weecks’ article in the context of this larger project, go to  For a brief overview of some SCRA categories include, please click here.

Arizona Service Members in Family Law Litigation“- Along with the previous article (SCRA) Debbie has contributed a family law litigation aide for the LawForVeterans’ website.

Zealous Advocacy v. Honorable Conduct Connecticut Law Tribune (05 October 2012), Guest Co-Author with Mark DuBois (prior CT disciplinary counsel)

Sure. You Have a Right to a Jury Trial. You Think. Maybe.Arizona Attorney (April 2010)

Domestic Violence & Prohibited Firearm PossessorsArizona Attorney (October 2009)

Guardianships and Conservatorships”  Arizona Attorney (January 2009)

Combating Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults in Arizona” (Arizona Community Foundation publication, year 2006, based on the statutory scheme work at that time).

On the same topic as the above article, several years ago, Ms. Weecks requested an ethics’ opinion related to the important legal duties to report suspected vulnerable adult exploitation, neglect, and/or abuse.  The State Bar was kind enough to publish the opinion that it then provided.  For the Bar’s ethics’ opinion on an attorney’s duty to report when the relationship may be otherwise confidential, please click here.

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