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Past Meetings

West Valley Professionals’ Roundtable

Our Chronology of Programming and Speakers

Year 2021 Topics and Presenters:

April: Attorney Donald T. Scher.  Topic:  Carrying out the vulnerable adult’s wishes and preventing exploitation

Year 2020 Topics and Presenters:

January:  Presenter:  Bill Ritman, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones, Topic:  Regulatory advocacy and impact on our seniors’ finances

February:  Presenter:  Presley C. Reader | Owner & CEO, Com For Care  Topic: Technology and Its Impact on Present and Future of Caregiving

March:  Presenter:  Marge Kornow-Brown,  Topic:  Aging In Place
April: Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic
May:  Presenter: Susan Dafnis, Realtor, Topic: Real estate sales options and market risks ]
June (Zoom virtual meeting):  Money Matters and Your Clients, Co-Presenters:  Bill Rittman, Edward Jones & Andrew Rosenberg, CFA Brinker Capital

Year 2019 Topics and Presenters:

 January:  Happy New Year.  WVPR reconvenes in February.

February:  Shelly D. Drews, Help My Senior, LLC   TOPIC:  “The Truth about Dementia. What most doctors don’t know….”

March: Co-Presenters- Chief Deadman (Sun City Fire Dept) and Deputy Chief Montgomery (Glendale Fire Dept),  Topic:   9-1-1 calls and crisis intervention / outreach

April: PRESENTER:  Joe Pascale, Realtor , TOPIC:  Real estate sales involving seniors and vulnerable adults — special considerations and precautions

May:  Presenter:  Dan Hewson, Audiologist (Accents Audiology),  Topic:   Is It  Hearlng Loss or Is It Dementia?

June: Presenter:  Barbara Harges, Care Coordinator, CleanSlate Centers Topic:  Medication Assisted Treatment

July:  Presenter:  Michelle Cornelius, LMSW, EdMDirector of Memory Care Programs at Cypress HomeCare Topic:  SolutionsTOPIC:   Dementia Friendly America

August: Presenter: Ben Brock, Brock Insurance Services Topic: An Overview of Liability Insurance for Professionals

September: Presenter: Jamie Flesher , RN, CMC Topic: “Technology to keep you healthy and safe in the home”

 October: Presenter:  Veronica Santarelli, GRASSP
November: Presenter: KC Wheatley and Jesse Sweeney, TOPIC:  Open Enrollment — Medicare Overview incl Q&A

December: Presenter: Melinda “Mindy” Hansen, Mobile Notary, Topic:  Notarizations in Arizona — what and when, including when there’s no original identification document

Year 2018 Topics and Presenters

January: “Warning Signs of Cognitive Impairment”, Presented by Dr. Edward Zamrini, Banner Sun Health Research Institute

February: “Update on initiatives and enforcement protecting seniors”, Presented by Officer Miranda Garcia of the US Postal Inspection Service

March: “Transitions of Care”, Presented by KC Wheatley, Humana Insurance Agent

April:  “Answering the Cold Call When A Senior is in Distress”, Shared Audience Presentation

May: “Practice Serving Senior Populations: Considerations for the Self-Employed Sole Practitioner” A Public Service Presentation by the WVPR Co-Founders

June: “Veteran & Dependent Burial Benefits and Services”, Presented by Christopher Hopkins, Funeral Home Manager of Sunland Memorial Park, Mortuary and Cremation Center

August:  “Cancer Support Resources”, Presented by Debbie DiCarlo, Chief Executive Officer, Cancer Support Community Arizona

September: Discussion  presented by Dan Hewson,  Audiologist and owner of Ascent Audiology

December: “Identity Theft” presented by Betty Delano, Senior Outreach Coordinator — Office of the Arizona Attorney General, Mark Brnovich

Year 2017 Topics and Presenters:

January:  “Restoring the Body’s Lost Signals”, Presented by William Blaker, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Biology, Furman University

February:  “Professional Input Round-table”, A round-table interactive discussion covering Professionalism, Networking, and Ethics.

March:  “Long Term Care Options”, Co-presented by Denise Kotula and Paul Sovel

April: “Family dysfunctions which affect the senior client”, Presented by Suzanne Stillion

May:  “Biohacking: Revolutionary Ideas in Senior Care”, Presented by Dan Weecks, Owner, Weecks Productions, LLC

June:  “Community Paramedicine programs”, Presented by Chief Bratcher, arranged by Deb Pearson (Human Services Coordinator; city of Peoria)

July:  “Postal Scams: Awareness and Avoidance”, Presented by Officer Miranda L. Garcia, USPS Postal Inspector

August:  “Regional Crisis Team”, Presented by Detective Scott & Sgt. Naehrbass, Peoria PD

September: “Communication between generations can be tricky. It’s not only what you

say, it’s what they hear”, Presented by ShaRon Rea, Whole Family Coaching

October: “ALTCS form and guidance”, Presented by Penny Matteson from Home Assist Health

November: “What it Means to be a Personal Advocate” Presented  by Attorney Donald T. Scher

December: “Your Body’s Talking to You”, Presented by Sandy Sopko, ReLiv

Year 2016 Topics and Presenters:

January:  Facilitating later-life transitions with a practical, supportive, and unified team approach.  Co-Presenters:  Larry Nader, CRTS, of  Caring Transitions of Phoenix Northwest Valley, Keith Krone, of Krone Team (Realtors)

February: Co-Presenter Sandi Sopko, impact of lifestyle choices on seniors and professionals,  Co-Presenter AZ Body and Brain, Dahn Yogam, 15 min demonstration

March:  Transportation options for disabled and special needs residents locally, Presented by Kathryn Chandler, Executive Director and Mobility Manager — Northwest Valley Connect, a non-profit organization coordinating transportation to disabled and special needs residents of the northwest Valley of the Sun.

April:  Technological advancements in senior in-home care products: demonstration and shared presentation — Keri Lopez (Electronic Caregiver) and Dan Weecks (Weecks Productions, LLC) on products to help monitor remotely.

May:  Shared Analyses of Case Scenarios, Presented by Yvett Hernandez (MasterCare), Presley Reader (ComforCare), and Laurie Fox (HomeWatch) as facilitators of three case scenarios dividing the room and facilitating shared professional input on what each audience member identifies as the case scenario issues and game plan from his/her professional discipline viewpoints.

June: Change Your Brain, Transform Your Life, Presented by Dr. Gerhart from Renovare Wellness by Design

July: Planning for Long Term Care, Presented by Patrick Sells, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

August:  “The Parish Nurse Society”,  Presented by Brenda Staples, R.N., Grace Bible Church

September:  “Handling Another Adult’s Affairs”, Debbie Weecks, Esq.,

October:  “Diseases That Changed History”, Presented by William Blaker, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Biology, Furman University

November: “What, when, and how to secure health insurance before January 1st — options (coverage options and types, companies available for people not insured through employer, and navigating the complexities)”, Presented by KC Wheatley (Humana MarketPoint) and Vernon Koehlinger (licensed broker)

December: “What Financial issues keep you and your clients awake at night?”, a Roundtable discussion with Patrick Sells, Financial Advisor and Dan Lindblad, CLU® ChFC®, Financial Advisor

Year 2015 Topics and Presenters:

“Innovations in Primary Care” presented by Dr. Edward Perrin, IORA Health Care

“Cultivating a Caring Community” presented by Michelle Dionisio, President & CEO, Benevilla

“Long Term Care Overview” presented by Arthur Tangen, Senior Associate, New York Life

“The Truth About Palliative Care” presented by Dr. Christine Estrada

“Done In-Advance” Advanced Directives;  the attorneys’ view. Co-Presenters:  Attorneys Stacey Johnson and Yvette Ashworth, facilitated by Attorney Debbie Weecks.

“Realities of Care Management”; Co-Presenters Kathie Berrie of Rescare and Melissa Johnson if Senior Care Mgmt. Solutions

July:  Senior Living — innovative programming, Co-Presenters  JoAnne Bateman, RN, of Bayada and Dr. Anthony Stannard (Dr. of Physical Therapy)

August:   Medical Billing and How it Affects Patients, Presenter:  Ramon R. Joseph, MD, FACP (retired; Emeritus Professor of Internal Medicine)

September:  Why insurance agents sell the products they do, with a Medicare product overview preceding Open Enrollment, Presenter:  KC Wheatley

October:  Late Life Domestic Violence, Co-Presenter: Laura Horsley, Executive Director of Eve’s Place regarding resources, Co-Presenter: Attorney Debbie Weecks regarding protective orders  –  Handout Material

November:  Chiropractic — Overview, Presented by Kathleen Dougherty

December:  Hospice Overview, Co-Presenters:  Sylvia Butler, Hospice of the West & Kelli Tucker, Serenity Hospice

Year 2014 Topics and Presenters:

“Affordable Care Act, incl. an overview of the effect on Medicare and Hospice” by Ellen A. Dean of Raymond James Financial Services

“Housing Assistance Programs and Current Trends” by Reginald H. Givens, Foreclosure Assistance Administrator of the Arizona Department of Housing

“What is a life insurance settlement and can it help fund long-term care? Pros and cons in a nutshell.” by Dave Howe & Rob Schissel of Sun Life Capital

“Behavioral Health — Preventive and Crisis Intervention” team presentation by Karen Tomory of Haven Senior Horizons and Attorney Debbie Weecks

“Referral process and alternatives to guardianship” presented by Catherine Robbins

“Overview of AZ Veterans Services’ fiduciary division’s work for veterans, spouses, and dependents” Co-Presented By Clark Leuthold, Asset & Accounting Manager and Scott Whitney, Investigator, Arizona Veterans Services Fiduciary Division

“Use of electronic media to reach and assist seniors” Presented By:   Dan Weecks of Weecks Productions, LLC

“An audience roundtable analyzing case scenarios and showcasing each participant’s area of expertise” co-facilitated by Presley C. Reader, MPA, CSA, President, ComForcare Non-Medical Home Care and Sylvia Butler, Hospice of the West

“Adult children moving in and other caregiver scenarios: Evictions and Protective Orders to protect our vulnerable adults” by Debbie Weecks, Esq.

“Revitalize Your Brain and Memory” by John M. Duff D. C. and 12 years experience in the area of Natural Health, practicing at Renovare Wellness By Design

“Innovative measures to assist in joint replacement/revitalization” by Krishna Mallik, M.D., PJC ORTHOPEDICS®

“Year in Review” featuring… the audience!

Year 2013 Topics and Presenters:

“Depression among the Elderly at the Holidays” by Dr. Edward Perrin

“The Fiduciary’s Role and Advocating for the Patient” by R. Nicole Cundiff (Licensed Fiduciary) and Kathy Moriarity

Effective, Safe, Natural Approaches to Energy, Memory, and Pain-free Wellness for Seniors” by John M. Duff, DC of Renovare Wellness by Design

“Reversing Some Dementias” by Dr. Claire Damecour, M.D., Psychiatrist and Stephanie Graber Fialkin of Rock Creek Alzheimer’s Special Care Unit

“No Fear Healthcare: Keys to personal health advocacy” by Mary Aime’-Juedes

“Protecting the Matriarch and Patriarch, while combating Elder Abuse and Financial Exploitation” by Don Scher

“The History and workings of Hospices” by Colleen Kolski-Daniels, MSW, LCSW, & Paul Fredericks, BA

“Project Salute: Arizona Attorneys’ Pro Bono Event to assist our veterans” by Debbie Weecks

“Medication misuse and other elder issues” by Cynthia Castillo

“Senior Gems” Interactive Session based on Dementia Training by Jim Podzius

Year 2012 Topics and Presenters:

“Simple Ways to Organize Your Affairs for Your Trustees and Beneficiaries” by Tammy O’Neal and Marilyn Skovgard

“Aspects of Senior Placement Industry” by Scott Fischer and Mark Hendel

“Important New Laws and Procedures affecting Guardianships and Conservatorships” by Attorneys Debbie Weecks and Don Scher

“Advantages and Disadvantages for All Retirement Plans” by Barry Cook CHFC, CLU, and Thala Taperman Rolnick, CPA – The Audience Responds

“House Call Doctors” by Dr. Chris Rainer

“Sun Health Community and Education Programs” by Jennifer Drago

“Transitioning to Assisted Living” by JoAnne Greeney and Carla Regstad

“Good News about planning for Long Term Care ‘early’ and why it is not just a “Senior” issue” by Jane Ceasor and “Global Breakthroughs in Medicine Right

“Here in Our Own Backyard-Sun City AZ” by Gina Ore, CFRE

“The Holiday Spirit-Depression Issues: Identifying, Overcoming-Handling the Holidays with Our Seniors” by Scott Fisher and Stephanie Goodin

Year 2011 Topics and Presenters:

“A Care Team Approach” by Crystal Littlejohn, Marnee Weber, Bob Roth

“Errors and Omissions” by Daniel Lindblad, Ben Brock, Brett Benton

“Non-Medical and Medical Care Issues” by JoAnne Bateman and Dr. Jennifer Sosnowski

Anniversary Meeting — Audience participation as the speaker

“Whom will you trust to handle your affairs?” by attorneys Mary Jo Salone, Carla Regstad, Don Scher, Debbie Weecks

What Are Some Concerns Facing Retirees Today? by Dan Lindblad and Tom Lucash

“WVPR Develops an Ongoing Member Guide—Life Unraveled; Reverse Engineering of Our Beloved’s Affairs” Part One-“Immediate Access/Immediate Action” by Attorneys Debbie Weecks and Don Scher

“WVPR Develops an Ongoing Member Guide—Life Unraveled; Reverse Engineering of Our Beloved’s Affairs” Part Two-“Controlling Destiny Now for Later”

“Avoiding Financial and Healthcare Exploitations” by Paul Quakenbush, Jesse Delane

“Forensic Accounting” by Roger Coventry, Tim Tribes

“Companion Care” by Jody Brown, Frank Vance

Year 2010 Topics and Presenters:

“The Process of Educating and Assessing a Client’s Needs” by Dan Lindblad and Laurie Fox

“Probate Court-Operations and Substance” jointly by Debbie Weecks, Pam Johnston, Audrey Hanks, Rita Daninger, Carla Regstad, Julie Brewer, Laurie Fox

“Important Possible Changes That May Affect You, Your Family, and Your Clients Financially” by Craig Hay and Jeremy Mitchell

“Long-Term Care Financial Issues” by Gail Kennedy, Jane Ceasor, Larry Shafer, Patricia Barraza

“Combating Financial Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults” by William Dettelback, Donald T. Scher, Debbie Weecks

“Roth IRAs and Estate Tax” by Stephen Harnden and David McConachie

“Types of Fiduciaries & The Process of Fiduciaries” by Pam Braun, Paul Quakenbush, Audrey Hanks

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